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Trends to Watch in Communication Technology

Mobile Tech"s Outlook
Research firm Gartner ( in Stamford, Connecticut, makes predictions about what the future will bring in the information technology sector. Here"s some trends identified in the latest forecast that center on mobile technology:
Bluetooth 3.0 -- The next generation of Bluetooth will have a very low power mode, and health monitoring will be a potential application. It will support Wi-Fi to allow high-end phones to transfer large quantities of data faster than previously possible. Per Gartner, Bluetooth 3.0 is intended to support classic Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and ultra-wideband.
802.11n -- According to Gartner, this tech should be considered by companies that are equipping new offices or upgrading old ones. (802.11n is one of the few trends not directly related to smartphones.) While there may be security issues to unravel, it will probably define Wi-Fi performance for some time to come. 
Mobile User Interfaces ... The iPhone 3G owes much of its success to its attractive user interface. Because of features like Web browsing on smartphones, the user interface will be of particular significance. Per Gartner, consumer preferences for usability will drive the competition, as manufacturers use unique interfaces to differentiate their products from others. The better the interface, the more accessible the mobile Web will be on small devices.
TV Trends
The Consumer Electronics Association ( has its own set of predictions for telecommunications. Due to the increase in environmental awareness and the soaring cost of electricity, energy efficiency is at the forefront of the typical consumer"s mind. At the top of the wish list for consumers for their next TV purchase, 89 percent listed energy efficiency as their number one priority. The winning television will be energy efficient, have superior picture quality, allow for wireless connection, and have a thin design.
Waterproof televisions will be a new niche, for those seeking a permanent TV for the backyard. Televisions have been unveiled that have built-in Internet connectivity to tap directly into online videos, and social networking from their platforms will likely be offered. TVs can be expected to become interactive rather than passive devices. 
Per the CEA, televisions will be taken a step beyond LCD or plasma. Already organic light-emitting diode technology (OLED) is seen to have vast potential, because it does not require backlighting, consequently reducing power usage by up to 40 percent. Solar-powered sets are on the horizon; they can offer zero carbon emissions.

By Adam Herschkowitz
Get Telecommunication Jobs, Contributing Editor

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